Saturday, January 10, 2009

Test your English Skills

SENTENCE- A group of words which make complete sense is called a sentence.

1. I bought three dozen oranges.
2. He is an honest man.
3. The hand has five fingers.
4. He has little intelligence.
5. He has lost all his wealth.

When we make a sentence-
1. We name some person or thing.
2. We say something about that person or thing.

Every sentence has two parts-
1. The part which names the person or thing. This is called the Subject of the sentence.
2. The part which tells something about the Subject. This is called the Predicate of the sentence.
3. The Subject of a sentence usually comes before the Predicate.

Example:- Sweet are the uses of adversity.

Today's Exercise:-
In the following sentences separate the Subject and the Predicate.

1. The boy stood on the burning deck.
2. Nature is the best physician.
3. He has a good memory.
4. I shot an arrow into the air.
5. All roads lead to London.
6. The singing of the birds delights us.

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