Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Exercise on Noun

Characteristics of Nouns

Many nouns can be recognised by their endings. Typical noun endings include:

-er/-or actor, painter, plumber, writer
-ism egotism, magnetism
-ist artist, journalist, scientist
-ment arrangement, development, establishment, government
-tion foundation, organisation, recognition, supposition

Most nouns have distinctive SINGULAR and PLURAL forms. The plural of regular nouns is formed by adding -s to the singular:

car cars
dog dogs
house houses

However, there are many irregular nouns which do not form the plural in this way:

man men
child children
sheep sheep



Select the answer that contains the proper noun(s).

1. Is John coming to the dance?
  • John
  • dance
  • John, dance
2. Joan invited Marie and Don to the zoo.
  • Marie
  • Joan, Marie, Don
  • Joan, Marie, Don, zoo
3. Carol and I went to the beach.
  • Carol
  • I
  • Carol, I
4. Buffalo sponsored this free concert.
  • Buffalo
  • concert
  • The city, concert
5. Maria doesn't like this location.
  • location
  • Maria
  • like
6. Rose, Jeff, and I went to see the new reptile house.
  • Rose, Jeff, I
  • Rose, Jeff, I, reptile house
  • Rose, Jeff
7. Lisa does not like certain bands.
  • Lisa, bands
  • certain bands
  • Lisa
8. Professor Smith teaches John English.
  • professors, semester, college
  • Professor Smith, John, English
  • John's, college, professors
9. Jane and her friends are going to the beach.
  • Jane
  • friends
  • Jane, friends, beach
10. The car that was driven by Tonja was stolen last week.
  • week
  • car
  • Tonja

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