Thursday, November 3, 2011

Google Plus Business Hangouts

On November 1, 2011 it was announced that Google Plus will begin with Business Profiles. At this point they are limited to only people who have the Google Apps for Business. You can get the complete coverage here @ Google Begins Business Profiles on Google+

Who is going to have an advantage? The bloggers who have familiarized themselves with Google Plus Hangouts and sitting in front of a web cam.
Checklist before you get a surprise request for a Google+ Hangout
  1. Do you have a web cam that works.
  2. Does the mic on your webcam and the external mic work correctly?
  3. Do you have any quick lighting? A room light or lamp that can be turned on so you are not just showing a black screen on your cam.
  4. Is your cam’s position and focus adjusted to where it shows your face?
  5. What is also in your cams view? What type of business you have may be a big part as to how people view and accept your surroundings. These may be things as innocent as pics of your kids, your dog, your vacation house, or a mirror that may throw a glare.
  6. Do you have an easy to grab shirt to look professional to say the least? 
  7. Is your hair and makeup ready? For Baldys like me and Darren Rowse its just fine.
Find a friend or fellow blogger and try Google Plus Hangouts with them. Google+ hangouts can be used now by anyone with an account so there is no need to wait for business pages.

Google Plus Hangouts Video Skills

Your clients or potential customers might have questions related to your niche product or services. They might want a web cam conference with you using Google Plus Hangouts. Answering customer queries or suggestions face to face can boost sales of your product.

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