Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Noun Test Examples

Find the error (Singular/Plural) among the following statements:-

1. I'm not totally certain for the facts but from what I have heard, it seems that there were several people injured.

(a) totally
(b) for
(c) injured

2. Come on in and please make yourself comfortable and please don't stand there, take a place.

(a) on in
(b) make yourself comfortable
(c) place

3. Come on we can't wait much longer. Just make your mind up and please make a choose.

(a) Come on
(b) mind up
(c) choose

4. I've been walking for ages in the pouring rain and as a consequence my clothes is wet through.

(a) for
(b) pouring
(c) is

5. We've got an open fire in our house and the great thing is to go looking for woods to put on the fire.

(a) We've got
(b) looking
(c) woods


PART A: Read each sentence below. Locate each noun that you find and decide whether it is "proper noun" or "common noun".
1. The girl and her friend could not find the newspaper.
2. Farmers in the United States grow vegetables, fruit, and wheat.
3. Each student should have a pen, pencil, and two folders.

PART B: Write the plural form of each noun below.
1. teacher
2. ax
3. wish
4. mouse
5. sky

PART C: Rewrite each phrase, such as "keys which belong to mom" to follow this pattern: "my mom's keys."
1. the offices which belong to the principals
2. the studios which belong to the artists

Remember, common nouns are plain, ordinary nouns. Proper nouns are NAMES of nouns. Proper nouns are always capitalized.
Proper noun: none
Common noun: girl, friend, newspaper
Proper noun: United States
Common noun: Farmers, vegetables, fruit, wheat
Proper noun: none
Common noun: student, pen, pencil, folders

To make a noun plural:
a) add -s- to most nouns
b) add -es- to nouns that end with s, sh, ch,or x
c) add -ies- to nouns that end with a consonant and y
d) some nouns have to change the entire spelling of the word

1. teachers
2. axes
3. wishes
4. mice
5. skies

1. the principals' offices
2. the artists' studios
3. Sam's bicycle

Pick out any noun phrases from the following.
1. My mother's sister is dead.
2. The Lake District is renowned for its high rainfall.
3. That film was the one I had wanted to see for a long time.

1. The noun phrase in this sentence is My mother's sister.
2. There are two noun phrases in this sentence.
(a). The first is The Lake District.
(b). The second is high rainfall.
3. There are two noun phrases in this sentence.
(a). The first is That film.
(b). The second is a long time.

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